Lost 57 Pounds & Neck Pain GONE-

For over 25 years I had severe pain in my neck shoulder and arm. I was on variety of pain killers all to no avail. After receiving an upper cervical adjustment, the pain went away and my energy was restored. As I followed the natural solutions I lost 57 pounds and was able to get off the prescriptions.” – Diane C.


Joint Pain & Allergies GONE-

I’ve been under the care of a rheumatologist for over 20 years for joint pain. He would prescribe different medications that would control the pain. Since I received my first adjustment, I have felt better every day! The joint pain is now gone, and I have no more allergy issues without medication!” – Marie M.


Chronic Infection GONE & More Energy-

I had chronic bronchial infections and was on antibiotics steroids and inhalers monthly. The antibiotics lost their effectiveness and my breathing energy and health was getting worse. Since coming here, I have been infection free and off all drugs for over 6 months. I have my energy, health and life back.” – Robert L.


Knee Pain GONE without medications-

I had knee surgery on both knees. It affected the way I was walking, standing, etc. My back, neck, and knees always seemed to hurt. After receiving adjustments and attending the classes, I was able to get off the medications and the pain is gone. True Wellness, Inc. inspired me to pursue health naturally.” – Tina R.