Clinical Nutrition


Nutrition is much more than what you eat, it is what you absorb. Absorption of nutrients is not possible when organ, gland and nutritional deficiencies are present. In fact, these deficiencies are common underlying causes to many health issues. It is essential to detect the nutritional deficiencies harming your health.

Food sensitivities can also be inhibiting your health. Sometimes it is poor food choices; fast food, soda, sugar, etc that is inhibiting your health. BUT sometimes, you believe you’re feeding the body correctly but no matter what, you experience bloating, gas, constipation, sinus congestion, rashes, skin problems, etc. We will test foods that may be aggravating or causing your condition s and help you replace them and slowly fix your system so you can enjoy your favorite foods occasionally.

Over 97% of the vitamin and mineral supplements found in the typical retail “health” store are synthetic or made from fractionated and isolated nutrients. These products cannot hope to perform the important task of healthy cell regeneration. In long-term use, these poorer sources can often lead to additional health problems. True wellness can only be achieved by using 100% whole nutrient premier sources – the very best sources of vitamins and minerals. Research shows that even a small amount of a naturally occurring vitamin (in its whole-nutrient matrix) can outperform the same synthetic vitamin in much greater amounts.

At True Wellness, we utilize scientific, clinically tested and university researched technology that detects your nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities with pin point accuracy.  We then create a custom nutritional rebalancing plan utilizing only the finest, whole-food, live-sourced nutritional and lifestyle products to rebalance your nutritional status, to gradually eliminate food sensitivities and to strengthen your deficient organs so you regain your health.