Whether we realize it or not, our bodies are actually programmed to be healthy.Health is our natural state.   Ill-health results when imbalances are present in our body. Imbalances can be physical, nutritional, chemical, and mental/emotional.

At True Wellness, we use scientific tools to figure out what imbalances are causing your health problems.

Once your imbalances are identified, we design a customized treatment plan that strategically rebalances your body through our safe, effective, all-natural Balancing Therapies and our unique Educational Programs.

After rebalancing your body, it is then free to function and heal like it is designed to and health will naturally follow.


Balancing Therapies


Upper Cervical Chiropractic-

A  non-invasive, scientific, precise natural healthcare method that detects and corrects nervous system imbalances- providing relief for people who have conditions that ordinarily do not respond to traditional methods.

Physical Trauma Clearance-

All physical trauma areas are identified and cleared using therapeutic minerals and natural treatments.



Nutritional DefeciencyClinical Nutrition-

Organ, gland, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities are identified and nutritional balance is restored using only the finest quality nutritional products.

Clinical Detoxification-

Toxicities due to heavy metals, radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, as well as chronic infections, are detected and eliminated utilizing all-natural cleansing therapies.



Mental & Emotional Balancing-

Emotional traumas and mental stresses are identified and cleared with all-natural therapies and treatments.