You to Get Well       At True Wellness, Inc. we strive to be positive, encouraging and to build you up. Instead of telling you a bunch of  “can’ts, don’ts, shouldn’ts”, we try to tell you what will benefit your health and what the good things are that you can do to empower you to [...]



You to Stay Well       A lack of knowledge can destroy your health. Knowledge truly is power. In order to stay well, it is important to be educated about healthy living. At each visit to True Wellness and through regular workshops, classes, blogs, and newsletters, your True Wellness Team will teach you the [...]



You to Live Well         Dr. Duda and the entire True Wellness Team continually research the latest advances in the medical sciences. We combine the latest solid science with ancient medical treatments. The advantages of our clinically proven therapies and treatment protocol are their safety, cost-effectiveness and long-term efficacy for today’s most [...]